How to Improve the Look of Your Patio

How to Improve the Look of Your Patio

While patios can be one of the best selling points of a home, oddly it is usually the last priority when it comes to decorating. However, the good news is that it does not take much to make your patio look like a relaxing oasis. In fact, if you search the web, you will notice that it is quite easy to find the perfect website with tips for your next patio project. Let’s take a moment discuss a few easy ways that you can improve the look of your patio.

Add Indoor Elements

When redecorating your patio, it is easy to assume that only outdoor furniture will fit your motif. However, many would be surprised to learn that bringing a few indoor pieces to your outdoor space can make it look luxurious. For instance, instead of using a welcome mat, use an actual indoor rug. Drape blankets over your patio chairs. Hang a few framed photos. Add these types of accessories will help tie your entire home design together. Your patio will begin to look like more of an extension of your home instead of just a simple addition.

Mix It Up

Most patio themes are centered around perfectly matched pieces. The fabrics are all the same. The furniture often comes in a perfectly matched set. Also, the colors are usually very subdued and earthy. If you would like to add a little personality to your patio, then you need to mix and match. This means that you should consider using different fabrics. Uses pieces of furniture that don’t necessarily match. Be eccentric when it comes to the colors your use; don’t be afraid to use bright and bold accent pillows and umbrellas.

Create an Enclosure

Who says your patio must always give you access to the outside? In some cases, it’s a good idea to use the patio as an extra room of the house. This is especially the case if you enjoy laying out and relaxing. In order to create a more cozy, intimate feeling, you need to create an enclosure. This can easily be achieved with the use of curtains and a pergola. Whenever you would like to create a cozy space, simply close your curtains. Semi enclosures are the best of both worlds–you can enjoy the outside while not being completely exposed to the elements.

How to Improve the Look of Your Patio

Scale Small Space

If you feel that you have a small patio, then your probably feel that adding large pieces of furniture will only create a cluttered space. However, there is a way to avoid this. Simply use fewer but larger pieces. This means that you can use large pillows for your patio sofas and chairs. You may add large lanterns and plants. By using just a few large pieces, you can eliminate that sparse feeling while still avoiding the cluttered look. If you have a small space, try to avoid using lots of tiny accent pieces.

Divide Conquernqure Large Spaces

If you are someone who has a large patio, then it can sometimes be difficult to create one, unifying theme. Large, empty spaces can be a bit overwhelming. In this case, it is a good idea to divide and conquer, meaning you need to create certain zones for the space. Use one section for relaxing, another for eating lunch and another for entertainment.

Improving your patio is easy. All it takes is someone who has an eye for detail. It also requires that you develop a solid understanding of how you plan to use the space.