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Bork! Bork! Bork! With travel restrictions set to ease, Bork has crossed the Atlantic slightly after a brief stint in France and in New York City Court, where the long arm of the law seems unable to reach Ctrl, Alt, or Delete.

Today’s image was sent by a reader named “Aziz” and features a very unhappy information board from the New York Civil Court. While no taskbar is visible, we believe the trash can icon puts things around Windows 10.

In addition to insisting that his presence in the building was not the result of nefarious activities, Aziz told us that the signage generally showed a digital directory of the building.

Unfortunately, the only directory visible here is the one that Media Player cannot connect to, judging by System error 53. The reason why one would want to use Windows Media Player when VLC appears to be present is a puzzle. Presumably the admin prefers the orange circle and white failure arrow icon associated with Windows Media Player to the happy traffic cone of VLC.

Windows Media Player error

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We can only imagine the delicacies contained in NYC.MP4.

Windows Media Player has long been a mainstay of Microsoft Windows, dating back to the days of Windows 3.x before its last incarnation, version 12, in Windows 7.

Although Microsoft introduced the latter into its boneyard last year, Windows Media Player continues to live on as a hidden component in newer operating systems. Indeed, even in our most advanced version of Dev Channel Windows 11, wmplayer.exe persists as a toxic emission in the air after a vaguely indigestible meal.

The retro theme continues through the use of .bat files, a mainstay of many administrators over the years.

Unfortunately, however, the TIMEOUT The command doesn’t seem to have been enough to get the best of New York to plug in the network cable or bring the server the video is hosted to life. ®

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