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An abundance of art, pretty patterns, a myriad of textures and countless customizations make this 8,310 square foot Deephaven abode authentic, timeless and artfully organized.

When a couple with three boys decided to move from their townhouse to a family neighborhood in Deephaven, they chose an idyllic setting to build their dream home. But when it comes to design, clients have taken a hands-on approach – she was trained in interior design and loves timeless decors with provenance and patina. Working with Jean Rehkamp Larson of Rehkamp Larson Architects and Kyle Hunt & Partners, the family now enjoys “what the team affectionately calls their ‘new century home’,” says Rehkamp Larson.

The 8,310-square-foot, five-bedroom, six-bath home was designed and built in a “European cottage style,” says Kyle Hunt. The exterior material palette includes troweled stucco, cedar shingles, copper flashings and gutters, and wood windows. The aesthetic continues inside the home with plastered walls, hand-cut reclaimed wood beams, fitted wood cabinetry with exposed hinges, stone countertops and sinks, and designer accents. textured pavers.

“The owner has a curious mind and a playful, imaginative designer eye,” adds Alecia Stevens of Alecia Stevens Interiors. “She brought into her new home a collection of antique furniture, timeless accessories and works of art that would immediately personalize the interior.” The family also wanted their new home to be filled with natural and organic materials with history and texture. “Interior materials reflect this commitment through soft plasters, transparent paint finishes, aged beams and unpainted brass hardware,” adds Stevens.

The woman’s love for authenticity is reflected in the cabinets, wall coverings and fabrics. A local craftsman created the plaster mural in the powder room, an intriguing scene with deep hues. Throughout the home, a mix of modern and classic, formal and informal fixtures adds layers of scale, material and lighting to interior spaces. “The level of detail in this house is truly unique, handmade and authentic,” said Hunt.

The family has already enjoyed gathering around the sturdy European-inspired split-stone fireplace. When the kids need to release “their monkey energy,” says Rehkamp Larson, they burn it down in the extra-tall mini sports field.

“As a builder of artisan homes for over 30 years,” adds Hunt, “we strive to bring together the best local artisans to make our customers’ dreams come true for their new home. It has been a privilege to be part of a team that cares so deeply about every element that has been drawn, designed and built.

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