A new video for Century Egg takes us into a miniature world


Have you ever wondered what life looks like from a hair’s perspective? This beautiful stop-motion video for indie band Century Egg offers some insights

In general, stray hairs on the floor are quite disgusting. But not in this video from Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Century Egg, which tells the story of a tiny chunk of hair falling off the promo’s protagonist’s head, while documenting the changing seasons and passing time.

Stop motion animation is created and directed by Chris and Susie Shapones and is inspired by the album cover of Little Piece of Hair, which is painted by the band’s lead singer, Shane Song, as well as a mix of animation by Aardman and darker imagery by Jan Svankmajer .

The video has a whimsical vibe, with handmade furniture and a central figure made using Amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed yarn figures. Combined with the attractive, hand-drawn type used to spell the song’s lyrics, it all comes together to show that even the most disposable aspects of life can be made profound.

The video has already done well on the animation festival circuit, winning Best Animation Music Video at the International Sound Video Awards in Prague, as well as being officially selected as part of the St Kilda Film Festival in Australia and to appear at the Cinema Summit. animation in Montreal last month.

Production Company: Knuckles Animation Studio
Director: Chris Shapone
Animation/Editing: Susie Shapone
Director of photography: Toby Petch
2D Animation: Sherrie Koo
Sets and props: Serena Hor

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