Allianz aims big with the miniature world to stand out from the crowd


The subject of insurance coverage has always been controversial, especially among skeptics who do not believe in the reliability of purchasing an insurance package. However, when the pandemic struck, more and more of the public saw the benefits of having an insurance plan, as it provided insurance not only to the individual, but also to the loved ones around them. Pivoting its online insurance sales strategy, and focusing on social advertising, Allianz and MediaCliQ impressed the judges and won them both Bronze awards for Most Creative – Audio and Most Creative – Social Media To A + M‘s MARKies Awards Malaysia 2021.


Malaysians are generally skeptical of insurance and dislike advertisements or even agents that have anything to do with insurance. The public is bombarded with ads on most of the social media platforms they browse. It has come to a point, that this is considered a blind spot, where most advertisements scroll past without being consumed. Throughout 2019, Allianz has opted for static visuals, rarely developing video or audio for its social ads. However, the company found that its biggest competitors were very active with their social media, running contests and handing out rewards to consumers to stay in the know. While he knew where to pivot his strategies, Allianz still faced challenges in creating content, especially with the social distancing measures in place. It wasn’t ideal to have a large group of people producing or directing the shoot.

Armed with this knowledge, Allianz and MediaCliQ looked for ways to maximize the budget allocated to do better than what had been done initially. Also, how it could do better than Allianz’s competitors such as AIA, Prudential and Great Eastern. The goal was simple, to give Allianz’s Facebook content a new look and new consistency that could drive results without increasing the budget. The intended target audience was all Malaysian workers.


Before Allianz and MediaCliQ could reach new heights, it was crucial for them to gain the trust of the people. It was done out of empathy. Realizing that the pandemic is wreaking havoc on many in the public, the safety and well-being of loved ones is becoming a top priority. This gave both the company and the agency the opportunity to provide these people with the right insurance. With that in mind, both sides needed something eye-catching and unique to stop audiences on their leaflets while they are on their daily scrolls on social media. Well aware that audio is just as important in bringing out the essence of the content, Allianz and MediaCliQ have decided to go for video content. In this way, visual and audio could be incorporated for better storytelling.

Noting that most of the ads use humans or vector drawings of humans to convey the brand’s message, Allianz and MediaCliQ sought to stand out from the crowd. The company and the agency had an idea: what if Allianz could turn its world into a miniature world? This then led to the decision to show reality through the prism of little humans. Allianz and MediaCliQ have found that this creative direction gives a sense of surrealism and a lot of room to highlight audience weaknesses and why assurance is needed. For the execution, a paper cut conceptual animation was chosen, giving an authentic visual artisanal treatment. By having the world of paper cut and miniature, Allianz and MediaCliQ could adopt many different sound effects to really bring the visual to life. It could also have real surreal sound effects or art, making things interesting by implementing a paper tearing sound effect.


With the help of Allianz’s database, MediaCliQ created a personalized and similar audience, targeting those who have expressed an interest in Allianz’s wide variety of products. To ensure that ads were maximized to reach real people who were more likely to buy or leave a contact number, Allianz and MediaCliQ need to identify insurance agents, competitor agents, list customers black, spammers and among others. As for audiences that had interacted with the ad but had not taken a planned action, the strategy was to retarget them with a second follow-up ad.

By creating more than 87 posts, Allianz and MediaCliQ ensured that the visuals were eye-catching and captivating. Every video and audio needed to talk about the audience’s weak spots, giving them a solution they are looking for.


After the campaign was released, Allianz exceeded its KPI in nine months, pushing the boundaries of its creative and media strategies while maintaining the same media budget. Putting together leads in the financial industry costs around RM200 or more, according to Allianz and MediaCliq. Some companies even set up kiosks on the ground and offer free giveaways for registrations. Using the allocated budget, the team was able to reduce the cost of leads and conversion with the campaign.

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