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On March 4, Portland rapper Aminé passed by the House of Blues during a pit stop on his “greatest tour ever.” The tour promotes his latest album, “TwoPointFive”, which was released last November as a sequel to his second album, “OnePointFive”. Dressed in his colorful beanie and graphic t-shirt, Aminé’s sunny personality shone onstage as he vibrated with the Boston crowd.

The scene featured a backdrop of various mementos dear to the rapper: the life-size convenience store Alberta’s Market, Rose Garden, a larger-than-life statue of Ollie (Aminé’s dog), the silhouette of Portland’s Broadway Bridge and its sign. Woodland Park. featured in previous music videos as “Shimmy”. With this miniature city at his back, Aminé’s “Best Tour Ever” began with the “Mad Funny Freestyle” and “meant2b” bangers. These upbeat bops had the crowd rocking from side to side, the rhythmic bass keeping the tempo of Aminé’s own funky dance moves. Snippets of the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” rang out after “Spice Girls” and Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” after “REDMERCEDES,” highlighting the charismatic quality of Aminé’s performance.

Songs like “Shimmy” and “Ratchet Saturn Girl” drove the crowd wild, mosh pits and chants rousing the audience while fueling Aminé’s performance. His stage presence multiplied when he sang lyrics like “I’ve got verses upon verses, man, this shit could last all day.” However, the addition of soft R&B jams like “OKWME” and “Compensating” balanced the energy, preventing the show from becoming too hyped. He took the time during these tender interludes to share some candid stories with his enthusiastic fans. Like the detailed account of his tour pants: how he wears them as his lucky charm for each show, adding patches that represent each city throughout the tour. At this time – and for much of the concert – fans in the crowd could be heard shouting how attractive they thought Aminé was. In call-and-response fashion, Aminé would send a cheeky smile and chant “And if you don’t have a man, fuck with me boo.” This reciprocal love was evident in songs like “Cantu”, where Aminé removed the acoustic to sing the lyrics “Cause I could want my hair down” a capella for his Boston fans.

Amin dances on stage.

These pivotal moments not only enriched the interaction with the crowd, but also allowed for a more intimate and authentic performance.

The setlist was an amalgamation of chart toppers and high-energy bops from across Aminé’s discography – but the key moments of the gig were the low-key vibes. The transition from an a capella rendition of “Caroline” to the energetic bars of “Reel It in” was smooth and natural, mimicking the parallel flows of the two successive albums. Aminé slowed it down on the verse where her debut “Good for You” album “Caroline” was supposed to be fast, only to speed it up to the chorus of “Reel It In” from 2018’s “OnePointFive.” That finesse styling not only showcased the impressive narrative of Aminé’s discography, but also served to wow the audience and end the evening on a high.

Aminé vibrates on stage with his fans.

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Amin performs in Boston at the House of Blues.

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