AMK’s neighbor sets up spooky display outside HDB, woman asks if it’s a curse


Ang Mo Kio resident sets up spooky display outside neighbor’s HDB

Although rare, there are people in Singapore who believe in the supernatural and its power – things like “black magic” and curses are common in some circles in our communities.

S’porean finds a possibly cursed yellow cloth in his shoes and asks the culprit to come forward

Recently, a resident of Ang Mo Kio discovered an interesting set of paper figurines under the window of her HDB apartment.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

Apparently placed by their neighbors, the resident said she would hear them ring a bell and sing on the screen every morning and evening.

Spooky display includes figurines, fruit, and a mini coffin

Thanks to a Facebook post On Thursday (November 25), the affected resident sought help on the internet to find out if the posting was supposed to be a curse.


The figurine was strangely placed just under the window of his house.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

The display includes a set of paper figurines, a man and a woman, tied together by a yellow ribbon covered with writing. A miniature coffin can also be seen between the figures.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

Additionally, 2 green fruits have been placed next to the figures, each with a metal nail pierced through them.

The neighbor allegedly told them that the display had been created for feng shui reasons and was created for their own protection.

Authorities were alerted to the posting, but neighbors did not remove the posting.

A spooky display appeared on November 13

Talk to MS News, Ang Mo Kio resident shares that the display suddenly popped up on November 13.

She shares that her family’s relations with neighbors have grown strained over the years.

However, they believe that many conflicts are due to a difference in religious views.

In the past, the neighbor would burn incense at the site of the exhibit, causing smoke to enter the house of the affected neighbor.

Naturally, the affected resident filed a complaint because a member of the household was allergic to smoke.

Affected neighbors believe this is where their conflict began.

Neighbors are also reportedly engaging in daily verbal abuse

On some occasions, neighbors have reportedly expressed their dissatisfaction verbally.

The affected resident said MS News that she often woke up to the neighbors spitting curses at her parents.

The neighbors once even made unsavory comments to the parents after learning about their condition.

Efforts for a resolution have failed and although authorities are aware of the details, nothing is being done about the posting.

I hope that the authorities will intervene to remove the display of the shared space

On the one hand, we can understand the difficult position in which the authorities find themselves.

However, when a display as suggestive as this appears on the threshold of an HDB hallway, something must be done so as not to breed further animosity.

We implore the authorities to reconsider and remove the screen from the HDB corridor.

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Images courtesy of MS News Reader.

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