Apple Reportedly Evaluates BOE OLED Screen Samples for iPhone 14


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After apparently losing millions of iPhone 14 OLED display orders due to an unauthorized manufacturing change, BOE is reportedly presenting new samples to Apple.

The first BOE reportedly had production issues in February 2022, then it was revealed that it had all but ceased manufacturing. It was eventually said that it was because Apple caught BOE changing the screen design.

Specifically, BOE allegedly “increased the width of the thin film transistor circuit” used in the panels for its iPhone 13 controls. Why this was done without Apple’s knowledge is unclear, but if the design was found to have changed, it meant BOE would lose millions of orders.

According The electhowever, Apple will this week start reviewing BOE’s iPhone 14 OLED samples. Unspecified sources say BOE hopes to get a decision from Apple within a month.

If Apple decides to go ahead with BOE, the manufacturer would expect to begin mass production during the months of July and August. The elect says its panels are being considered for the base iPhone 14, not the Pro models.

Previously, The Elec has proven to have decent sources of information within Apple’s supply chain. However, his later track record on specific findings is poorer.

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