Apple, that’s not all: there is also a Studio Display Pro with a mini-LED panel on the way


Among the novelties presented by Cupertino during this week’s Peek Performance event, one of the freshest is certainly Apple Studio screen. But apparently there’s more in the pipeline, and the release isn’t even that far off. One of the most trusted sources when it comes to bitten apple business and postings in general is reporting it is analyst Ross Young.

The information Young has that comes from the supply chain actually goes one way: Apple has even already launched production of a 27-inch mini-LED display, and plans to launch it as early as June..

This new product would be one Studio Display Pro and, in addition to supporting Studio Display, following the reading provided by Young, it would aim to replace the Pro Display XDR in the catalog, offering double the zones and seven times the number of LEDs.

If that were the case, one could begin to consider the hypothesis that – at least for now – Apple has decided not to release just any 27-inch iMac, but to offer users a professional solution in the Mac Studio and Studio Display. , with the Studio Display Pro option for those with even higher demands.

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