Apple’s AR headset could use LG Display’s new super-high resolution screens


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Apple’s AR or VR headset could use OLED screens incorporating new technology to deliver the highest possible resolution to users.

VR and AR headsets, such as Apple’s long-talked-about hardware, must use small but high-resolution displays that can show an image to the user. While current systems rely on more typical display technologies to accomplish the feat, Samsung Display and LG Display aim to dominate the component market for future headsets.

According source of The electSamsung Display and LG Display are working to create OLED-on-silicon (OLEDoS) and LED-on-silicon (LEDoS) technologies for virtual and mixed reality devices.

As Apple’s long-term display suppliers, it’s no surprise that both companies have a specific customer in mind. Sources believe LG Display’s OLEDoS technology will be used in Apple’s first mixed reality headset, which is expected to debut in 2023.

Specifically, LG Display’s OLEDoS will apparently be used by an external display on the hardware. The OLEDoS used inside the device is believed to be provided by Sony, a current leader in the field.

Rather than using a glass substrate, LEDoS and OLEDoS use a silicon substrate, making it possible to produce displays as small as one inch. These displays can also be very high resolution in nature, at thousands of pixels per inch compared to the hundreds used in smartphone and tablet displays.

For example, Samsung Display’s OLEDoS technology for use by parent company Samsung aims to create a 3,000 ppi display with 10,000 nits of brightness by 2024. Samsung Display also aims for LEDoS to reach a resolution of between 6000 and 700 ppi.

Of the two technologies, OLEDoS will apparently be aimed at VR device vendors, while LEDoS is aimed at AR applications.

Previously, LG Display reportedly attempted to become a supplier of microOLED panels for Apple’s mixed reality headset. In 2020, it was suggested that Apple was sourcing half-inch panels from Sony with a resolution of 1280 by 960.

In 2018, 8K eyepieces were thought to be on Apple’s list of AR headset components.

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