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Anne Devine is a former teacher turned real estate agent who discovered a passion for painting during her semi-retirement years. Recently, she was commissioned to create miniature works of art for display in the Patchogue Arts Council’s latest miniature gallery to be on display this month.

“MiniMoCA”, a 1: 6 miniature gallery of the Contemporary Art Museum of Patchogue, officially opened its doors during an inauguration ceremony on Saturday July 17th. The work of art in the mini gallery is a mix of pieces, both on loan and donated.

Born in the Philippines, Devine graduated from Ateneo University in Manila and emigrated to the United States in 1988. She has three adult children, two of whom work in artistic fields. John, her husband of almost 30 years, supports her work and encourages her to broaden her subject.

Devine, who has recently discovered a love for art, creates all of her works after 8:30 p.m., a moment of absolute peace for her.

“I truly appreciate it. I guess it makes me forget things, with total focus, ”she said.

She started creating for her family and friends after purchasing an easel paint set on sale. Although she had never painted before, the sale was at a price that she could not refuse. After a few weeks of looking at the unopened packaging, she decided to give it a try. She admitted that she was afraid, not of ruining the canvas, but rather “of finding out that I have no talent”.

His first painting was cherry blossoms. Proud of her job but unsure of how people would receive it, she was happy when her son (who likes nothing, according to Devine) asked to keep it. Then, soon enough, Devine was creating one piece after another, and family and friends began to expect a painting for every occasion.

After being asked to create a few pieces for “MiniMoCA,” Devine continued an entire line of about 30 mini pieces, mostly featuring animals.

“It’s ironic because I don’t have any pets,” she said with a laugh.

All of her pieces are brightly colored and a bit out of the ordinary. She likes to think of herself as imitating a mix of Vincent van Gogh and Robin Williams. His work combines whimsical, bizarre and sincere elements.

All her paintings are signed “Sebastiana”. Follow her on Instagram @sebastiana_art

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