Bake Beyond The Homemade Cookie Toll: 12 Chocolate Chip Recipes


Not to be confused with National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day or National Chocolate Day, May 15 is National Chocolate Chip Day – a day to recognize and celebrate those miniature, kiss-shaped pieces of chocolate that people eat. found in the pastry section of most supermarkets. To be clear, classic chocolate chip cookie recipes are another story. Dozens of other baked goods also incorporate these tasty morsels and deserve our attention.

On the front of the cookies, Milk’s Double Chocolate Ooey-Gooey Cookies use three types of chocolate to get their rich flavor and gooey center that results from baking them just long enough to settle on the outside. Semi-sweet chocolate and two heaping tablespoons of espresso powder enhance the flavor of Julienne’s Double Chocolate Espresso Walnut Cookieswhich are also sprinkled with sweet and sour chocolate chips. Chocolate-Raspberry Fingerprints are a bite-sized take on the classic chocolate and raspberry pairing (although you can use any flavor of jam). Finish them off with a scribble of melted chocolate on the center of the jam and the edges of the cookies for a more elegant look. The dough is very easy to work with, so it’s a good choice to make with children.

A blend of chocolate and peppermint reminiscent Chocolate Mint Ice Cream — mint ice cream sprinkled with chocolate chips (substitute the mini chocolate chips for the chopped chocolate in the recipe) — Chocolate Peppermint Snaps reverse the situation: the base flavor (the cookie) is chocolate and the “chips” are crushed peppermint candy chips.

A cross between cake and cookies, rich Midnight Chocolate Brownie Bites (“midnight” because they’re so dark) combine three types of chocolate with sweet, lemony notes of orange liqueur and zest, while Flourless Brownies replace the cocoa powder with flour, which makes for a chewy, extra-chocolatey, gluten-free treat.

A departure from both fruit tarts – the traditional house of frangipane – and individual biscuits, Tart with chocolate chips and hazelnuts float chocolate chunks in hazelnut frangipane and eat like a giant chocolate chip cookie.

Easy chocolate soufflés are exactly what you think: a simplified approach to this notorious difficult-to-prepare dessert. Airy and ultra-chocolatey, they only require half an hour of preparation.

As if cubes of rich, buttery brioche baked with chocolate chips alone wouldn’t satisfy your sweet tooth or chocolate craving, Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding Have you smother these ingredients with custard before baking and top with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

If you want to feel virtuous and have your chocolate too, Chocolate Zucchini Cake has vegetables in the dough. Shredded zucchini provides extra moisture, allowing you to use less butter (an added virtue) and results in a moist cake with a crispy outer crust and a luscious chocolate flavor (enhanced with a little coffee).

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread with Peanut Crumble is a bit like a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich with bananas, but in cake form – more tender and tastier. It’s a slice of heaven: peanut butter with chocolate chips.

Three types of chocolate are incorporated into this rich cookie dough, which is baked just long enough for each cookie to settle on the outside while remaining so “gooey” on the inside.

Weather40 minutes

YieldsMakes 1 1/2 dozen

Espresso amps up the chocolate in Julienne’s amazing Chocolate Espresso Cookies, which are sprinkled with chocolate chips and nuts. This is a must have recipe for any chocolate lover.

Weather1 hour 15 minutes

YieldsMakes about 2 dozen cookies

Simple yet sophisticated, these elegant cookies are as delicious as they are chocolaty. You can replace the orange, strawberry or whatever you have on hand with raspberry jam.


YieldsMakes about 3 1/2 dozen cookies

Cool mint brightens up the minty side of this creamy classic sprinkled with bittersweet chocolate chunks.

Weather15 minutes

YieldsFor 4 to 6 people

A mix of chocolate and peppermint, these cookies are crispy and chewy and ready to eat in less than an hour.

Weather50 minutes

YieldsMakes 4-6 dozen cookies

The sweet citrus notes of orange liqueur and peel shimmer in the deliciously dense combination of bittersweet chocolate, dark cocoa and mini dark chocolate chips.

Weather1 hour

YieldsMakes 25 brownies

This simple fudge brownie recipe requires just six ingredients and is a foolproof formula for a chewy, chocolatey treat.

Weather45 minutes

YieldsMakes an 8 inch square pan.

Ground toasted hazelnuts add body and richness to this marbled chocolate tart.

Weather2 hours 15 minutes, mostly unsupervised, plus 8 hours off

YieldsFor 16 people

This quick and easy chocolate soufflé recipe only requires three ingredients.

Weather30 minutes

YieldsMakes 4 individual soufflés

Brioche cubes and chocolate chips are drizzled with custard, baked and topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Weather1 hour 15 minutes

YieldsFor 9 to 12 people

Grated zucchini cuts down on the amount of butter needed, while cocoa powder, chocolate chips and a dollop of coffee allow for a luscious chocolate flavor.

Weather1 hour

YieldsFor 10 people

Neither too dense nor fluffy, this deeply flavorful bread has just the right tenderness. The dark chocolate baked into the bread and the crunchy peanuts on top make it even tastier.

Weather2 hours

YieldsMakes a 9 x 5 inch loaf

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