Big Brother Season 24 Episode 22 Recap: The Split House Twist With A Double Shock


For the Big Brother house, this season’s shared house twist was an epic game-changer. So much has happened in one week, and this week’s elimination round left us all in shock. Previously on Big Brother, the house was split into Team Dyre Fest (HOH Michael) and Big Brochella (HOH Terrance).

Double eviction in Big Brother 24

In the previous episode of Big Brother, host Julie Chen Moonves gave us some clues about the double eviction. So yesterday, when the big moment came, Joseph and Jasmine both had to say goodbye at big brother’s house. After the two left the house, Julie finally asked the outside groups to meet with them in the groups. So currently, inside Big Brother’s House, only the top 8 candidates remain. They all met in the large living room and kissed. And now it’s time for this week’s competition.

The most interesting episodes of Big Brother,

When the remaining remnants of the outside group headed inside, it was quite an amazing sight to behold. Alyssa and Taylor were shocked that Joseph disappeared. Taylor had to excuse herself for a moment and went to the bathroom crying. Later, Michael approached her and encouraged her.

Alyssa finally told Michael about Joseph’s eviction. Then Turner came along and blamed Joseph for his own expulsion. Meanwhile, Kyle also spoke with Michael. Although now, Michael didn’t seem too involved in her conversation. 🙂

HOH Comp of the current week

Michael and Terrance will not be able to participate in this week’s HOH competition. The remaining six members compete in the miniature room challenge where they had to assemble a tower of 21 micro-energy cans as quickly as possible with tweezers. Everyone was still troubled by the events of the previous week. That’s why they were trying so hard to win this competition to make sure their target would go home instead of themselves or their friends.

BB24 Episode 22: Who owns the HOH?

Kyle, Turner and Monte were able to finish it and get back on site around the same time. However, it was Turner who won. That only means this week’s HOH will be Turner. After winning the competition, the first thing he did was make sure Brittany, Michael, Monte and Taylor were all safe for that week. He then decided to stay with Kyle instead of Monte. Meanwhile, Kyle began planning with Alyssa and Terrance to kick Michael out.

Later in the episode, Monte asked Turner about Joseph because he didn’t believe their story. Turner said Joseph mentioned how Michael, Brittany and Taylor built a mini-alliance within The Leftovers. Afterwards, Monte told Turner that it was Brittany who wanted to target Turner and Kyle first so they could deal with Alyssa and Terrance later. Turner somehow believed Monte, and it looks like they might bond again. They also planned to target Michael, Brittany and Taylor.

The episode ended with Monte pledging to vote for Michael. After the naming ceremony, Turner and Monte planned to nominate members of The Leftovers and revealed Taylor and Brittany’s memory wall photos. The week has only just begun, and it’s already heating up. Watch Big Brother season 24 on CBS today.

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