Bojangles exhibition pays tribute to the victims of September 11


Quick called his 9/11 display the most significant to date.

Matthieu Sasser | Daily newspaper

ROCKINGHAM – Judy Quick has set up seasonal decorations in Bojangles’ dining room for many trips around the sun, but decorations this time of year are most important to her.

She built a shrine in Bojangles’ dining room to honor the lives lost on September 11. It features a white Christmas tree with ornaments recognizing the sacrifice of police and firefighters. A table is reserved for several miniature first responder vehicles. A flag honors the armed forces, EMS, dispatchers and all law enforcement agencies.

Opposite the US 74 in front of the Rockingham Bojangles is a commemorative banner of the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, also put up by Quick. It is written: “We will never forget”.

Next to the display inside is a cutout showing some of the basic facts about the events of 9/11, such as the number of firefighters dead at the World Trade Center (343). It is also accompanied by the front page of the Richmond County Daily Journal, dated September 12, 2001.

“I love doing it,” Quick said. “It’s been 20 years, imagine what people are still going through. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

Quick, a member of the Bojangles team for almost 11 years, has been decorating a Christmas tree in Bojangles for three years. This year, after their dining room reopened after it closed due to COVID-19, she had the idea to decorate it pretty much every month.

It is commemorated like July 4 and Valentine’s Day, as well as more eclectic holidays such as Elvis’ birthday and Groundhog Day.

For Mother’s Day, Quick has organized a pretty floral decoration. In August, the tree was adorned with school supplies.

Quick decorate at home, then take it to the restaurant. His son, Larry Quick Jr., often helps him.

His Father’s Day display, which consisted of fishing gear, received the most attention.

“They stopped and really looked at this one,” Quick said. “It moved me”

Everything for the decorations comes from her own pocket and she does it at her own pace. Quick first came up with the idea after seeing a similar exhibit in a doctor’s office on St. Patrick’s Day.

Quick noticed a little boy pointing to his display this morning. She said if her decoration brightened up someone’s day a bit, it was worth it.

General Manager Lisa Gardner said the tree really complimented their dining room and was a nice gesture.

“Everyone stops and looks at it, and almost everyone is commenting on it,” Gardner said. “It shows our appreciation for the people on the front lines. “

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