Boo-tiful Halloween display ideas to consider this weekend


Halloween is a few days away, and before you even know it, Christmas will be here, too.

If you are going out on vacation, now is the year to leave lasting memories for children.

Want to make your house look spooky? Here are three Halloween decorating suggestions to make your porch, doorway, and garden look their best, according to Lighting IQ.

1. Take out everything with pumpkins

Whether you want a stylish outdoor exhibit or a spooky experience, find a local pumpkin patch near you and refuel. You can even reuse the pumpkins for your Thanksgiving display. Add pumpkins to stairs, porches, and entryways.

2. Add a photo shoot display

To create the perfect fall experience, arrange bales of hay and dried corn stalks around your steps. Fake spider webs can even add a spooky and friendly touch. This will make a fun space to take pictures of the kids and the family.

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3. Accent lighting

Give your home a top notch look and consider hiring professionals to install permanent accent lighting that blends into your roof line. There is 100% programmable lighting for beautiful lighting all year round which allows you to change the color display by holiday. In addition, it is energy efficient and provides excellent security for any unexpected spooky visitor.

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