Boy ‘too traumatized’ to leave home after Sainsbury’s security guard hit him


A boy punched by a Sainsbury’s security guard in viral footage was too scared to leave the house. BirminghamLive reported on the footage going viral yesterday.

Sainsbury’s has launched an “urgent” investigation after the images were posted online. The incident allegedly took place in an Elephant and Castle store.

Now the alleged victim’s sister has spoken out. It comes as the retailer takes steps to investigate the incident, which has been widely shared.

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Speaking to The Sun, she said: “The security guard was following them, and when they went to pay he told them he had to search them because he thought they were stealing. They didn’t have anything. found on them or in their bags, because they didn’t take anything, but the security guard continued to accuse them of stealing from the store.

“My brother was quietly standing to the side at the time, and the guard was yelling at his friend.” She added: “The guard was then in his face and very aggressive, and my brother kept begging him to let him go and he hadn’t done anything. He then punched him in the face, c It was so brutal that he flew back in. He’s absolutely traumatized by it all.

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said: “We are urgently investigating this incident.”

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