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LOUISBURG — Broadmoor Elementary’s Parade of Hearts enters its final weekend.

The end-of-year school activity aims to share what students have learned about the 7 Mindsets social-emotional learning program with their families and the community.

Each class at Broadmoor has created a heart representing one of 7 mindsets, which are: Anything is possible, Passion first, We are connected, 100% responsible, Attitude of gratitude, Live to give and Time has come.

The 7 Mindsets curriculum has been adopted by Louisburg USD 416 and other school districts in the United States and around the world.

Mindsets provide a foundation for resilience, motivation, and meaning in life, writes Sara McIntire, school social worker at Broadmoor Elementary. In the email, McIntire said the Mindsets Foundation promotes self-determination, self-awareness, improved academic achievement, and greater confidence and engagement.

“It’s an approach that has the potential to positively impact not only students, but also our staff, our families and our community,” McIntire said.

With the help of Becky Bowes, Executive Director of the Louisbourg Chamber of Commerce, the hearts of Broadmoor students are showcased in the windows of 21 Louisbourg businesses.

“Students and their families were invited to find all hearts, while learning more about businesses in our community,” McIntire said.

Participating students will be entered into a raffle for family fun prizes donated by local businesses, she said.

The public has the opportunity to chase hearts throughout this weekend. They will be on display until Monday, May 23.

“Broadmoor students had a great time creatively expressing what mindsets mean to them,” McIntire said.

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