Cancer patient hosts haunted house in support of IWK



The Beazley family home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia is a spooky property, brimming with Halloween horror and special effects.

“It’s House of Doom,” Shelly Beazley said. “Our little boy’s fantastical Halloween dream comes true.”

This little boy is Canon Beazley, 12 years old.

“It’s my favorite time of year and I can’t wait for Halloween, and it’s today,” Canon said.

The Beazley family has always been very attached to the celebration of Halloween.

In early 2021, life took a terrifying turn when Canon was diagnosed with cancer.

“He had a stage 1 Wilms tumor which meant he had to have his left kidney with the tumor removed,” his mother Shelly said.

Canon endured months of chemotherapy.

These days, he feels much better.

“I would say 100%, of course,” Canon said.

Canon is a young man whose health has improved and who has a big heart. He now uses his family’s extensive Halloween decorations to draw attention and launch a fundraising campaign for the IWK Health Center.

“Last year, after going through his cancer and cancer treatment, he decided to make it a fundraiser and become a warrior for the IWK,” Shelly said.

There is an online donation portal and neighbors have deposited cash contributions.

Canon is already close to hitting this year’s $10,000 goal.

“Last year Canon raised $15,700,” Shelly said.

Canon’s spirit and determination also helped her family through the trauma and terror of living with a cancer diagnosis.

“He was amazing through it all, which frankly made it easier on his parents,” his dad Dan said. “He’s so resilient and so positive. Every challenge that comes that way, he takes it.”

Canon said he was so grateful to the IWK that he believed he had a debt to pay.

“It’s always so positive there, no matter what,” Canon said. “I love being able to give back.”

And celebrate the day of the year he loves the most with what looks like a miniature theme park, crammed into the Dartmouth family estate.

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