Characterful wall displays for fantasy and sci-fi miniatures


Years ago I saw a video in which the father of “dungeon building”, DM Scotty, showed off a cool, characterful wall display he built for his D&D miniatures. I always thought it was a crime to spend countless hours painting miniatures only to put them away in cases where no one would ever see them. I considered buying display cases to display my hundreds of models, but I never found one that satisfied me 100%. Scotty said he could do a full video on how he made his case, but (to my knowledge) he never did.

Enter James Floyd Kelly aka The table engineer. Using his skills in 3D design and laser cutting, Jim designed a range of fantasy and science fiction displays. The shelves are available in different sizes and come with all kinds of small accessories that allow you to decorate your display according to your taste and your collection of miniatures.

I first got the 18″ x 11″ castle ruins display ($57.25). Laser cut from 1/4″ maple plywood, the kit was easy and fun to assemble using only carpenter’s glue. It’s just enough assembly to make you feel like accomplished something without really being a lot of work, maybe an hour I edited it in my work studio and quickly filled it with a few of my Frostgrave and bowl of blood mins.

My finished fancy display with part of my mini collection.

Pleased with how the fantastic shelves turned out, I immediately ordered the Mega Sci-Fi Display ($92). I have a lot of sci-fi (and Gaslands) models to display. I haven’t assembled this second kit yet, but I can’t wait to finally show off some of my Warhammer 40K and other sci-fi minis.

The Mega Sci-Fi screen.

Jim even has a thumbnail thumbnail display which contains 4 minis (and only costs $16.50). This would make a really adorable gift for a gamer where you painted 4 minis and presented them inside the mini screen.

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