Chinese screen maker CSOT wants to make screens for iPad, MacBook


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China-based display maker CSOT is looking to enter Apple’s LCD supply chain for iPad and MacBook display orders, according to a new report.

Li Dongsheng, chairman of CSOT’s parent company TCL, is expected to visit Apple Park in Cupertino soon. According The electthis meeting aims to obtain orders for the supply of LCD panels.

The president also recently visited South Korea to meet with local component manufacturers, as well as Samsung. He will also visit Japan after his trip to the United States

CSOT is a competitor to BOE, another Chinese display maker and a current supply chain partner of Apple.

Earlier in 2022, Apple reportedly evaluated CSOT as a potential OLED supplier for iPhone models. The Chinese company is said to have formed a team to assess the suitability of its production lines for manufacturing OLED screens.

The company’s expansion plan will put it in direct competition with other Apple suppliers, including BOE and LG Display. The latter of these two companies is the supply chain leader for Apple devices like MacBook Pro models.

Apple has taken steps to diversify its supply chain, which could give the iPhone maker a leverage point to pressure other display makers to cut unit prices.

The elect is mainly reliable regarding the movements of Apple suppliers and vendors wishing to enter the chain. It is less accurate to predict the outcome or ramifications of these moves.

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