Chris Brown gives mini house tour in ‘Never let them know your next move’ TikTok challenge



Leave it to Chris to top the trend with Kodak Black’s song.

Chris Brown is always ready to participate in a viral moment. The 32-year-old artist flaunted her playful personality by creating her own take on the “Never Let Them Know Your Next Move” trend. The challenge was created on TikTok and uses Kodak Black’s single, “Pimpin Ain’t Eazy.”

With over 100,000 videos using sound, most of the challenge is to act like you’re about to perform a certain action and then do something completely different to confuse the audience.

Breezy understood the mission. By using accessories inside his bustling Californian home, the Virginia native was able to come up with a more creative take on the trend.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Starting off seated, the celeb acts like he’s reading a book, but in reality, he’s on the phone. From there, he pretends to put on headphones before tossing them on the couch. Pretending to be about to step out of his house, he turns around through a glass door sculpture before heading to his indoor basketball machine. What viewers don’t know is that he has more than one hoop, and instead of shooting the one in front of him, he turns around and makes the basket. He finishes by grabbing his skateboard and running out of frame.

In addition to complementing the trend, CB actually gave their 106 million followers a pretty sick sample of a home visit. Watch the entire video below.

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