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BOSTON (WHDH) – An investigation is underway after flags displayed in honor of those who perished on 9/11 were knocked down overnight in the public garden.

Residents walking through the park early Thursday morning were shocked to find that some of the 2,997 miniature American flags planted in the garden had been damaged.

The tribute is housed in the Garden of Remembrance, a memorial dedicated to 206 victims with connections to Bay State.

“How would you like if someone did this to your family, someone you knew?” It’s just a horrible thing, ”said a visitor to the memorial.

Ashton Fagan, who was passing by and saw the damage, stopped to repair the flags when 7NEWS arrived on the scene.

“It’s a huge disrespect for this country and the people who gave their lives, so I’m going to replant them all until the end of the day if that’s what it takes,” he said. she declared. “I think this is completely wrong. We must unite and be a strong country.

Fagan said she felt the need to help as a member of a military family.

More than 100 flags were torn from display and damaged, according to Boston police.

All flags have since been replaced.

“There are all of these volunteers who have stopped by to support, and they are doing it themselves in response to something that has upset them. I think that’s what makes our city, our state, our country great, it’s people who respond to hate with hope, ”said Carolyn Casey, Founder and Executive Director of Project 351.

The memorial will be on display until September 12.

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