Days Gone transforms into an adorable miniature world with Tiny Freakers


Days Gone has been captured and transformed into a cute and tiny world using tilt-shift magic.

It’s been over two years since Bend Studio came out Days Gone for the PS4 and around this time, the action-adventure survival horror starring Deacon St. John had already been adapted for the PC and upgraded to the PS5, allowing its world to become a little more intense.

Even though the game received mixed reviews and an unsuccessful sequel pitch at Sony, Days Gone has racked up hordes (pardon the pun) of fans across the world who adore its environments and open-world storytelling.

Days Gone – Launch Trailer



Days Gone – Launch Trailer





As we wait to find out what Bend Studios has up its sleeve in its next new IP, one fan has decided to take a different take on their dangerous and gritty world by capturing it as a tiny world that makes it a lot less intimidating!

Youtube creator Flurdeh has created a series called The Beauty of Video Games that focuses on the environment, life, and characters in games that also serve as their love letter. In the videos, Flurdeh uses tilt-shift photography which is the process of different camera movements that change the orientation and change the focal plane of the image, but the shift effect changes the perspective of an image.

As you can see in Flurdeh’s Days Gone video, they are able to make the entire environment look like a bird’s eye view of a miniature world and I’m here for it. It sounds so inviting and appealing that you almost forget it’s actually taking place in a post-apocalyptic period. Watching all of its little inhabitants wander and even those creepy freakers would make anyone say “Awwww, this is really cute!”.

If you like the look of this video you’ll love the other Flurdeh creations they’ve made that include a little Cyberpunk World and a small Origins of Assassin’s Creed. Check it all out here.

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