Delayed Gambit social home set to open in Harker Heights, Texas



People always say there’s really nothing going on in Harker Heights, TX, but I’m so excited now that I can tell you could be wrong about that. A few months ago I wrote an article about restaurants we need here in Central Texas and Dave & Buster’s was one of them.


I feel like Dave & Buster’s would be great for Central Texas because it would be a family fun space with bars, drinks, and activities for all ages. We won’t be excited about Dave & Buster’s, but Harker Heights definitely got me excited about a Gambit social house coming very soon. Give me a social house that will be 13,000 square feet in Harker Heights just down the street from Harker Heights High School, it will be a home environment that will include escape rooms, ax throwing, miniature golf and will have also a full bar and restaurant. This is precisely what was missing in Central Texas, I couldn’t be more excited.


Often, if we want our family to enjoy an evening of food and activities, we usually have to go outside the city limits, but now it’s right in the middle of Harker Heights, which is perfectly convenient. The Gambit social club was actually supposed to open in 2019 but due to bad weather and Covid the project was put on hold. I know all of Central Texas can be excited about a place where the whole family can hang out and have fun. The opening date of the Gambit social club is in the spring of next year.

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