Detailed Jubilee showcase stuns Brecon



When you walk around Brecon, the last thing you might expect to see are soldiers wearing the Queen’s colours.

A house in Llanfaes brought a miniature version of the amazing experience to the town with its stunning storefront.

Cherrypicker House, which is occupied by Alison and Tim Barnes, showed off an impressively detailed storefront to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

Miniature troops ready to be inspected during the parade of color (Alison Barnes )

Complete with union flags, trees, small cameramen and Buckingham Palace, troops and their horses can be seen queuing for inspection outside the miniature version of the royal residence.

Alison Barnes, who is behind the incredible display, said: ‘We love the Queen and everything she stands for. We wanted to create a jubilee window and decorate the house to celebrate such a once in a lifetime event. »

The Barnes family describe themselves as “very patriotic” and have a military-related history.

The self-described ‘lucky’ grandmother-of-two said: ‘We are a very patriotic family as my family served in the military and my husband is a Royal Navy Commando veteran.

Alison's house

exterior of patriotic family home (Alison Barnes )

“My eldest daughter was in the sea cadets and my youngest is a sergeant in the army cadets – I couldn’t be prouder. My other daughter is training to be a teacher, right?”

Those who live in Brecon or visit the Llanfaes area around Christmas will be no stranger to the amazing window displays on offer – it’s hard not to stop and put your face to the glass.

Last Christmas the exhibit was complete with an electric ski lift, snow scene, skiers and more.

Alison said she loved hearing people’s reactions to her window and decorations.

another window

Another window in the house shows a traditional pub with a miniature version of Queen Elizabeth II (Alison Barnes )

She said: “I lived in Germany and loved the Christmas shops and residential window displays so much because it took me back to childhood to that sense of wonder and joy.

“When I do a window, I want people to have the same feeling, that they want to shrink down and be part of the party or the village that I’m creating.

“It brings me immense joy to hear people love the decorations and the window and I hope I have made people smile, especially after these past few years and the difficult times ahead.”

As Alison struggles due to constant fatigue and pain following an accident that affected her spine and hand, she isn’t letting that stop her from turning the house into a spectacle. have.

Before her accident, Alison worked as a health assistant for the NHS – which she loved – but injured her hand during the first Christmas window in 2020 when she got her hand stuck in a door in wood at home.

Alison's Window

The detailed display has been completed with the London Eye, trees and union flags (Alison Barnes ) (Alison Barnes)

‘I struggle as I have constant fatigue and pain from an accident, I had my spine and hand before that and was a health worker for the NHS,’ she said .

“It was an amazing career, but the first Christmas window in 2020 I had my first accident where I got my hand stuck in wooden doors at home. I was in a cast trying to make the Mountain.

“The second sledding accident in January 2021 really hurt my spine, but I survived on morphine and just increasing the dose to complete the tasks and I’m fine.

“I also get a lot of help from my husband and children, luckily. What used to take a week to complete unfortunately takes months.

Alison's display

The display also featured tiny cameramen (Alison Barnes ) (Alison Barnes)

However, Alison said they will not be resuming the Christmas window this year as they are changing addresses.

The mother-in-law of five said: ‘We are moving as the owner is selling the property so we cannot do a Christmas window this year but if we are still here in October we will definitely be doing a Halloween window .

“We are so happy to live in Brecon and hope to move to Brecon as we love it here, a military town with great people who are always ready to welcome and help you. We are very very lucky.

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