Discovering the poetic world of miniature art


In Pierre Javelle’s universe, everything is played out to within a few millimeters, an art of precision that does not tolerate any moment of distraction. The photographer, co-creator of Minimiams with Akiko Ida, immerses his miniature characters in an always greedy setting. It turns the scale of the real world upside down and it’s not child’s play. “It’s an adult game because it actually looks like a director’s work. We have actors, we have light, we have a stage with objects and we have to tell a story with everything. that, ”he says. And here is the scenario of the day. “They’re pumpkin blowers. These are characters who have pumpkins and who try to inflate them to give them a supernatural dimension, “he continues.

Surrealist, poetic, like Pierre Javelle, miniature art artists have made themselves known on social networks. For the first time, this Parisian gallery unveils its works, behind the scenes. Play again, with the shadows, fall back into childhood, stop in front of these pencil mines, let yourself be surprised at the bend of a staircase. Visitors are fascinated by the level of detail, the success of the realization.

But how do you make these tiny works exist in an exhibition? “We often have the habit of having large halls or monumental halls which are very impressive. Here, it is really the domain of the little one, of the intimate. This is why we have opted for the space of large photos so that people can immerse themselves, see the finesse of this world in miniature “, explains Frédéric Barreau, scenography – Exhibition” Small is beautiful, Miniature Art ” at the Galerie Joseph, Paris (3rd). As in this room, which we discover, installed under a tomb ready to shelter an eternal love.

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