DnD Fan Builds Mini But Menacing Stranger Things Creel House


Stranger Things brings up a lot of its best DnD ideas, but D&D fans are drawing just as much inspiration from the ’80s sci-fi show these days. On September 4, a handyman shared a new crossover project on Reddit: a miniature replica of the Creel House, the home of Stranger Things season 4 big bad, Vecna.

A memorable campaign often relies on its setting. It’s in the name, after all – D&D isn’t much without its dungeons. Stranger Things is all too aware of this, and season four showcased one of its most sinister and iconic locations yet. Enter the Creel House, the ramshackle family home turned Vecna ​​lair. Redditor and YouTuber Meandering Curiosity recreated every closed window and mossy roof slat of this Stephen-King-style haunted house ready to be used for a D&D game.

Meandering Curiosity told Reddit they spent a few months creating the house in their spare time. They’ve also created a full YouTube tutorial for building Creel House (see below), and here it’s revealed that the house is mostly constructed from cardboard, stirring rods, balsa wood, and corrugated paper.

Resin-filled stained glass and plenty of weathering add important details to the home. (Meandering Curiosity clearly already has experience priming and painting miniatures.)

This is Meandering Curiosity’s first Stranger Things release, but they also share several video game projects on their YouTube channel. This includes farm buildings from Stardew Valley, as well as a (fully functional) mask and clock from Majora’s Mask.

For more little beasts and buildings, check out our guide to the best DnD miniatures. We can also tell you everything you need to know about Vecna ​​- whether you want to be ready for Season 5 of Stranger Things or just your next D&D game.

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