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A model of Downtown Oneonta made from LEGO blocks will be on display in the Community Bank, NA storefront until September 26.

Kyle Hedlund said he spent several months putting LEGO pieces together to create a miniature replica of downtown.

He said he had always “loved all things LEGO”, ever since he and his brothers played with them when they were young. Then he built the LEGO sets as a teenager and young adult before starting his own creations.

He said he created a replica of Oneonta City Hall in February, and friends asked him if he could create all the buildings along Main Street. “I thought I’d give it a try,” he said.

Hedlund said there were about 1,500 bricks in the design and it took about eight months to build, but much of that was awaiting the delivery of specially ordered bricks. In all, he says, it took 26 hours to build.

The design includes streetlights, cars and trucks driving along Main Street, Mueller Plaza, green spaces and historic buildings. Building details also include awnings and windows.

“Transparent window parts” were the most difficult LEGOs to obtain, he said. “They stopped shipping them from the US and instead shipped them from their headquarters in Denmark. Main Street has a ton of windows.

He said flat bricks for the street and sidewalk were also hard to come by.

“It was also difficult to try to fit all the details of the buildings on a small scale,” he said.

Hedlund said putting together the exhibit “brought back tons of memories,” of growing up in Oneonta and walking along Main Street with his mother. Hedlund said he graduated from Unatego Central School and now lives in Sidney, but still spends a lot of time in Oneonta.

Hedlund owns KH Creations and creates jewelry, accessories, candy machines and other pieces from LEGO bricks. “I really like that with LEGOs, you can do anything,” he said. “It’s great fun and there’s almost no limit to what can be created.”

He built the trophies for this year’s Blend-A-Rama basketball tournaments and said he worked with customers to create what they wanted.

He will be one of the artists selling their artwork during the City of the Hills festival on Saturday, September 17. 26. »

He said he intended to sell the exhibit for $200 and would donate a portion of the sale to the Community Arts Network of Oneonta for help in exhibiting it and to enable it to to be in the exhibition.

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