Electro House Prodigy No Mana Debuts Monstercat With Nostalgic Single “Yesterday”


Multifaceted Los Angeles-based producer No Mana made his Monstercat debut today with his feel-good single, “Yesterday.”

Leading with an emotive, weightless vocal, the track is fused with sonic and visual elements reminiscent of the 90s and 2000s. modernizing the classic sound with its own electro styles. The self-produced cover shows his pixel art skills and a nod to the single’s theme, featuring returning relics like a Tamagotchi, Hasbro i-Dog, and first-generation iPod. “Yesterday” showcases another side of No Mana’s musicality that he will continue to explore on the label.

No part of Mana, “Although I’m not involved in the lyrical direction, this song to me basically means being unable to escape the nostalgia. For a while, the goal of No Mana was always to take inspiration from the music of another time and modernize it in my own way. Doing “Yesterday” was a good opportunity to express exactly that, both instrumentally and lyrically. This was actually one of my hardest working projects with many hours and versions spent. I wanted to make sure I came back with something that sounded exactly like I wanted it to.

No Mana dominated genres from electro to trance, garnering a fervent fan base around its internet humor, video game aesthetic and flawless production. Alongside his ‘Electromag’ compilation for the ages and cosigns of deadmau5, Diplo and other household names, his craftsmanship is central to his identity, having crafted the visuals for his releases, music videos and live shows since day one. . Fans can expect to see “Yesterday” live on its North American tour, with 14 stops to come, including Las Vegas, Miami, Honolulu and more to come.

About No Mana

Signed to deadmau5’s mau5trap label, electro house producer No Mana made a name for himself with his series of UP singles before releasing his debut album “Secret Level” in February 2020.

Inheriting his grandfather’s love of techno and trance at an early age, Los Angeles-based producer No Mana (born Jordan Orcaz) grew up surrounded by electronic influences, which, as is often the case , pushed him to take an interest in production. Debuting with a remix of “You & I” by Black Morphs & Elexem, the young producer quickly caught the eye of electro heavyweight deadmau5, who soon signed Orcaz to his mau5trap label.

Electro House Prodigy No Mana Debuts Monstercat With Nostalgic Single "Yesterday"

Maintaining his video game-inspired aesthetic, the producer made his label debut with the two-track “1UP” (2015), followed that year by sequels “2UP”, “3UP”, “4UP”, “” 5UP” and singles “Dis-moi” and “Claws”. A diverse set of offerings, the musician’s early efforts danced across genres from trance to electro house, bound together by a punchy, crisp sound reminiscent of the mau5trap founder.

Continuing the UP series, 2016 saw the release of four more volumes (“6UP” through “9UP”) alongside the producer’s debut EP, “Game Over”. A later EP, “Above the Blue”, arrived the following year, accompanied by the heavier anthems of “10UP” and “11UP”. It was in 2018 when the young producer launched his production into overdrive; while continuing the UP’ series with volumes 12 and 13, the producer released two mini-albums over 30 minutes, ‘Assorted Repetitions’ and ‘Melted Candy’.

After riding through 2019 with “14UP” and a string of singles, Orcaz released their debut album, “Secret Level,” in February 2020. Maintaining the banger-centric ethos of their career thus far, the project s is mainly built on electro house aspects. of his work, with collaborations with Chipzel, Voilians, Jantine and EDDIE.

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No Mana – “Yesterday” is now available via Monstercat

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Electro House Prodigy No Mana Debuts Monstercat With Nostalgic Single "Yesterday"

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