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ST. GEORGE- There is an enchanted tree among the royal oaks of St. George.

Some kind of pixie house has appeared in the hollow of a tree at Royal Oaks Park, St. George on August 23, 2022 | Photo by Chris Reed, St. George News

Depending on your level of imagination, an elf house or a secret passage to a fairy forest has appeared at the base of a tree in Royal Oaks Park on 1400 West.

A pebble path leads to a door in a hollow at the foot of the tree. The small wooden door is painted yellow in a bright blue arch, decorated with butterflies. Tiny moss trees surround it along with a small chair and table. A bigger stone says: “Welcome fairies”.

Not easy or difficult to find, the tree is on the corner of 1400 West and W. 1370 North – two trees to the right of a stairwell leading to the Halfway Wash Trail, and straight ahead until morning.

It resembles the houses of the elves from the “Huldufólk” seen in Iceland and from Will Ferrell’s film “Eurovision: The Story of the Fire Saga”.

But local resident Tanya Hegedus, who spoke about the enchantment, won’t divulge which creatures are in the miniature encampment that appeared in the park sometime earlier this week.

Instead, she hopes to leave it to the imagination of children and the child in all of us.

People are invited to decorate stones and place them with the house of the elves which has appeared in the hollow of a tree at Royal Oaks Park, St. George, on August 23, 2022 | Photo by Chris Reed, St. George News

“I was just hoping to inspire the artistic side of kids,” Hegedus said.

Although not a mother herself, Hegedus said she was the eldest of five children who grew up “in the countryside”.

“We had to be creative so we didn’t get bored,” Hegedus said.

And speaking of creativity, the little fairy tale house is not made to be simply admired.

In a small bucket to the right of the door are several smooth rocks. It is written on it: “Decorate the stone. To place in the garden. Enjoy.”

“Encouraging creativity has tremendous benefits,” Hegedus said. “That’s what I hope to instill.”

What is also not immediately apparent is that the door actually opens.

Not to spoil what’s inside, but what’s inside might be left to interpretation – and might just answer the age-old question: Who is the fairest of them all?

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