Elon Musk uses $50,000 Boxabl Tiny Home as a guesthouse


The small living units even caught the eye of one of the richest men in the world: Elon Musk.

The Boxabl Casita.

Jorge Ramirez

During a podcast appearance on Thursday, Musk confirmed that he owns a prototype unit from Boxabl, a Las Vegas startup.

a person looking into the Casita

Exterior of the Casita.


Source: YouTube

Curious about the tiny house owned by a man who could afford countless mansions instead?

Exterior of the Casita

The Casita.


In late 2021, Boxabl said it installed a Casita in Boca Chica, Texas – where SpaceX’s launch site is located – for a “top secret client”.

Casita moved on a truck

A photo shared with Insider appears to show Boxabl delivering a Casita to SpaceX.

Jorge Ramirez 9:44

Source: Youtube

Tiramani did not confirm that Musk, who runs SpaceX, bought or lived in a Casita during an interview with Insider last year. But the company relied on online rumors that Musk was living in one of its units.

the bedroom, closet, dining room, TV

The interior of the Casita.


Source: Twitter (1) (2)

Musk denied living in the tiny house, saying instead that he lived in another tiny house in South Texas. But in July 2022 he said he owns a Boxabl and uses it as a guesthouse. He said he threw a birthday party there last year.

The dining table next to the kitchen under a light.

The dining room.


Source: Twitter

Boxabl’s identity doesn’t just focus on Musk’s interest.

boxabl logo on moving containers pulled by Tesla

A Boxabl unit moved with a Tesla.


The company’s short history dates back to 2017, when the Las Vegas team decided to create their Tiny Homes after seeing a “huge opportunity to bring construction of buildings around the world to the assembly line of the… ‘factory’, like any other everyday product, Tiramani told Insider in an interview last year.

Exterior of the Casita

Exterior of the Casita.


In this example, the bedroom is opposite the kitchen, and the front door acts as a space divider.

the bed near the kitchen and living room

The interior of the Casita.


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