Exhibition of CU Fine Arts alumni in a group exhibition


A visitor looks at works by alumni of the Fine Arts Department of Chattogram University displayed during an ongoing group exhibition at Kalakendra in Mohammadpur, Dhaka. – Press release

Alumni of the Fine Arts Department of Chattogram University present mixed works of art during an ongoing group exhibition at Kalakendra in Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

The exhibition titled ‘Practice. Praxis. Celebration’ was organized by the gallery marking the 50th anniversary of the independence of Bangladesh and the Department of Fine Arts of CU.

The founding director of Chittagong Art College Sabih-Ul Alam and art critic professor Abul Mansur opened the exhibition virtually on October 1. The painter-sculptor Wakilur Rahman is the curator of the exhibition, which presents 27 works by 27 artists.

CU’s Associate Professor of Fine Arts, artist Dhali Al Mamoon, attended the inaugural ceremony as a commentator.

Wakilur Rahman said, “Dhali Al Mamoon came up with the idea of ​​organizing an exhibition featuring works by talented young artists. We went through a lot of difficulties in selecting the 27 participating artists. ‘

Dhali Al Mamoon said: “We wanted to give an opportunity to promising young artists and we wanted to get out of the idea of ​​an exhibition of white cubes. We did not maintain any hierarchy in the distribution of spaces for the works. ‘

“We have also placed works of art in unusual places like the interior of a bathroom or on a balcony,” added Mamoon.

The installation work by artist Jayatu Chakma titled Sanghar was placed on the stairs. He said his work symbolically represents the culture of the Mro community.

“My installation work is based on the water pot that is used in the Mro household. It also symbolizes the connection between the Mro community and nature and reminds us of how tourism in the Chattogram Hill Tracts contributes to the degradation of nature, ”Jayatu Chakma said.

“A few miniature shovels were placed around the water pot to symbolize the encroachment of the hills in the name of development,” Jayatu added.

Rajib Dutta’s artwork titled Amar Bap Nakal Dat Diya Mangsho Khaiten was installed in the Kalakendra toilet. The artist has drawn a few lines on the mirror inside the toilet, the dentures used by his deceased father have been placed on the soap kit and a projector projects an image on the basin.

Abu Naser’s work consists of four black canvases in which he represents dreamlike images in acrylic.

Fahad Hasan’s work of mixed art titled Bastu-Udbastu Ebang Manastattik Shakkhamata consists of seven clay pots that were placed on seven plinths on the balcony. Each jar contains mundane items including matches, torn book pages, and more.

Ripon Saha’s acrylic on canvas work entitled Black Manifesto consists of 19 black canvases. Each canvas represents a recent social or political incident.

In addition, Alak Kumar Sarkar, Afsana Sarmin, Ashraful Hasan, Yasmin Jahan, Imran Hossain and others present their works at the exhibition.

The exhibition will remain open until October 23.

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