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LAHORE: An exhibition of artwork by recent National College of Arts (NCA) graduates opened at the Ejaz Art Gallery on MM Alam Road on Wednesday.

The artists in this exhibition used various media such as miniature, sculpture, painting and printmaking and brought together a powerful display of visual art.

Qasim Ali says about his work: “My work revolves around themes of celebration and performance in relation to queer narratives. Reflecting on my personal experience of being bullied, I became interested in language and communication, producing artwork that is visually centered on written text. I use text as a tool to make recurring marks, creating textures and patterns. By merging text, color and paint, I create illusory visual imagery.”

Hira Noor says her work reflects her experience with pain. For her, experiences of pain are so frightening and profound that they cut through our individual differences and tap into our hardwired nature. Noor has used a combination of silhouettes in his work to reflect the inseparable bond one shares when in a state of distress.

Irfan Abdullah’s work is based on his inquiry that challenges himself to understand the experiences of human bodies through the accumulation and manipulation of different materials and cultural ideologies.

Aleena Raza’s work revolves around her obsession with the night sky and how she continually tries to recreate the same meditative feeling she gets from gazing at the stars.

Aleezah Qayyum’s work explores the relationship of different shapes and textures to the human body. Her practice also involves looking at fleshy, flowing, translucent and shiny textures which she uses to paint her clay models – transforming them into chunks of living mass.

Hafsa Nouman’s work deals with the idea of ​​exploring memory through an archaeological perspective. “I practice this by treating the surface as an archaeological site, manifesting my mind as a wall that allows past, present and future to exist on a single surface.”

Momina Javed’s work consists of capturing and manipulating spaces, considering them as a metaphor for human presence and evolution.

Aymen Alam’s work includes themes related to nostalgia and surreal memories of his childhood home. Using paint and photo transfers, the artist captures those fleeting moments of nostalgia to save those memories forever.

Esha Rashid’s work speaks of nostalgic home and away from home compositions.

Murtaza Zaidi’s work is an examination of the origins and religio-cultural meaning of visual symbols.

Umeed Malik’s work looks at ordinary things from an unimaginable perspective. The artist takes the simplest things and brings them to extraordinary light. Her work involves manual labor which manifests itself through the process of sewing, the formation of diverse lines, monotony and repetition.

The theme of Hadiqa Asad is comfort. “My whole theme is comfort and the medium is Gouache on Wasli (miniature technique). My idea behind the art is based on my personal experience”. The artist mainly shows these emotions through hand expressions largely inspired by Renaissance art.

Marium Ahtasham’s work stems from her deep fascination with the culinary arts “which led me to explore themes around it”.

Nabeel Naveed’s work investigates the execution and planning of an urban fabric that fails to shake the challenge of the informal sector without surveillance in the spaces occupied by the public, the restricted mobility and the persistent encounter with elements of control.

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