Finding a home can be harder than finding “the right one”


Whether you are looking for a house Where a spouse, finding “The One” can be an extremely difficult undertaking. Luckily, there are apps that help with both.

According to the results of a recent Zillow survey, however, dating may actually be easier than locking down the perfect house.

Real estate across the country appears to be skyrocketing as high housing demand and low availability leave potential homeowners more frustrated with the housing market than the dating pool.

People swipe left and right in hopes of finding their dream situation, and there are some commonalities to be found between those looking for romantic partners and a place to live: compromise, deal-breakers and, sometimes love at first sight.

Unfortunately for many frustrated house hunters, the lack of time to find a home and make the right offer adds intense pressure to the process.

“It’s difficult in the sense that there’s just more demand than there are homes for sale. And so, it’s very common for buyers right now to fall in love with multiple homes, to write offers, get rejected and have to start all over again,” Jessica Chodaczek, realtor at Lofaso Real Estate, told News5Cleveland.

Although time is not a luxury in the housing market, for many buyers the rule of thumb still applies: don’t settle.

“I’m not kidding when I tell you people’s eyes sparkle when they’re in the right house, and you could tell that’s it. They’re in love. It’s a real phenomenon,” Chodaczek said.

One of the biggest dangers in the market right now, according to Chodaczek, is buyer’s remorse over the race to get something anything locked in.

“We see a lot of buyer’s remorse because they fall in love. They made a crazy offer. They got it. And then they realize it might not be the right one.”

According to the Zillow survey, 76% of people think they would have more success using an app to find a house than a romantic partner.

Amanda Pendletona trends expert from Zillow, shared an interesting finding from the study: “Our survey found that women valued the home buying process significantly more than dating, and for men it was the reverse. .”

“Dating is tough, and I think especially when you go out online, you don’t really know what you’re going to get in person in real life, and home shopping had the same reputation,” Pendleton added. “But now there are new tools that make it much easier to experience a realistic home.”

Either way, a lot of the work in finding both a dream place and a dream date currently takes place online. Happy scanning!

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