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Why Book Boath House?

This beautiful Palladian house stands firmly in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, ready to share its myriad charms with its fabulously varied guest list. Here, you’re as likely to sit next to a family enjoying wood-fired pizza in the garden as you are to stumble upon an A-lister swinging in a hammock by the foliage-lined pond. The rooms — while comfortable — aren’t the main attraction. Instead, make the most of your commute as much as possible by soaking up the retreat atmosphere in the common spaces and grounds. Fire up the wood-fired sauna, dip in the pond, paint in the workshop, launch a rowboat, throw a badminton racket, browse the shop, stroll through the orchards, or spend hours in the fabulous open-air restaurant in season.

Corridor at Boath House, Scotlandbeth evans

Set the scene

The creak of your car rolling down the driveway brings the front of the house to the door, to help you with your bags and usher you into the cool, candlelit lobby. The welcome is warm and personal, and with no reception, bellboys, or music in the lobby, it feels as easily at a friend’s (blessed, landowner) house as at a hotel. To your right you’ll find the elegant lounge where a self-service bar means drink time is up to you, even if it’s is not actually five hours somewhere. Directly opposite is the breakfast room – all sleek wooden furniture and utilitarian, nostalgic paper tablecloths that feel inspired by the likes of St John’s in London. No sooner have you been shown to your room than you can’t wait to get out and explore the 22 acres of land that you can see from your huge nine-paned windows.

Boath House Lodge, Scotlandbeth evans

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