Florida man scared of clowns dedicates huge Halloween display to them



CLEARWATER, Florida (WFLA) – A man in Florida decided to channel his fear of clowns into a creative exercise for his annual Halloween shows.

Clearwater’s Jeff Somerville started decorating his home with creepy clowns in 2019, after moving from the Midwest several years earlier, he previously told Nexstar’s WFLA. The inspiration came from his own fear of clowns, he says.

This first year, Somerville spared no expense. He even designed and commissioned the piece de resistance – a 35-foot clown tunnel, located just above the driveway – from a company in China.

Jeff Somerville commissioned the 35-foot clown tunnel from a company in China. (Jeff Somerville)

“It all started with a hand drawing, and they brought my vision to life,” said Somerville, who previously said WFLA that the company “knew how important this piece was to me and the role it played in our Halloween theme”.

The tunnel, of course, is back for 2022. But the property also features menacing clowns of all shapes and sizes, including animatronic clowns, miniature clowns in cages, a two-headed clown, and multiple clowns riding a large wheel or an electric chair. swings. One of the newest additions to the display for 2022 is a 12-foot clown with glowing red eyes.

Somerville, of Clearwater, Fla., has held its clown-themed Halloween expo every year since 2019. (Jeff Somerville)

Unsurprisingly, Somerville’s “incredible neighbors” took to calling his home “the clown’s house,” he once said.

Somerville told WFLA it took about two days to install the screen, but acknowledged that its day-to-day operation and maintenance still took a long time.

“I set this up every night,” Somerville said. “It takes me about 30 [minutes] set up and 30 [minutes] tear down. »

Former WFLA reporter Alexis Pastore contributed to this report.

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