Get into the holiday spirit with the Gingerbread House Festival



Founded in 1952, the New Hampshire Home Builders Association unites everyone involved in building a Granite State home – from actual builders and kitchen remodelers to bankers and insurance brokers. And for the first time in December, they’ll come together to build edible housing with a holiday twist.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the first two weekends of December (Saturday and Sunday, December 3 and 4, 10 and 11), 25 members of NH Home Builders seek to build and display their best gingerbread houses at headquarters. of the association (119 Airport Road, Concorde). Tickets to the Gingerbread House Festival are $5 each and double as raffle tickets, with each raffle winner taking home the gingerbread house of their choice. And the only rule imposed on participating manufacturers? “Gingerbread houses have to go through the door!” says Executive Vice President Matt Mayberry.

Mayberry came up with the idea after hearing about a similar gingerbread festival in Portsmouth. “I thought it would just make people smile,” Mayberry says. “Life is tough, life is stressful, everyone is stressed, but if I could get 25 gingerbread houses in and people would come, perfect.”

The event also includes a ‘Santa’s Workshop’ where children in attendance are encouraged to harness their inspiration and build their own miniature houses from milk cartons and assorted decorations. NH Home Builders are raising $5,000 worth of Christmas lights to display outside the building, enough “to drive Clark W. Griswold crazy,” as Mayberry claims.

Mayberry isn’t sure what to expect from participating builders, but suspects imagination and innovation will be on full display.

“Whatever you want to do, do it,” Mayberry says. “If you want to build Hogwarts gingerbread, go for it. If you want to build a gingerbread doghouse, go for it. This is our first year doing this, so it will be a bit of a trial run. I think every year it will get bigger and better and even introduce a little competition between builders.

The second-year executive vice president is excited to bring builders and homeowners together in the same room amid mounting construction delays. According to Mayberry, drinking hot chocolate and eating gingerbread isn’t the worst way to bond with each other.

“It humanizes both sides,” he says. “I really want my builders to smile, I want our friends to smile, I want the public to walk by and smile and build gingerbread houses.”

The NH Home Builders Association’s First-Ever Gingerbread House Festival is sponsored by New Hampshire Review. Admission is $5 and additional raffle tickets can be purchased at the event for $5 each.

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