Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Complete Hoarder’s House Quest?



Welcome to our “Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Complete the Hoarder’s House Quest” guide. This walkthrough covers The Hoarder’s House sub-mission. Our tutorial will teach you how to start the side quest, where to locate the hole that swallows everything, how to conquer arena battles, how to purify the spectrum, and more.

How to access the quest and find the hole?

This task begins after the purification of Shiroyama Shrine. This may happen after Chapter 2. On the map, a mission marker should appear. You can get this mission from a ghost in one of the side alleys. Meet at the apartment at the end of the driveway, indicated on your map. Visitors will appear on your way, forcing you to fight them. You can defeat these enemies in several ways. After the fight, enter through the front door.

How to search the hoarder’s house?

You will need to inspect the house, which will include finding the specter’s hideouts. You have to solve a manual seal puzzle in each of these sites, which requires you to repeat the indicated movement sequences. The first place where the specter hides is behind the coffee table. The Specter’s second hideout is inside a fridge in the kitchen. A bathroom mirror is the third hiding place on the spectrum. The fourth Specter Hideout is on the second floor.

Head to the sliding door. Interacting with the final hand seal will reveal it. Return to ground level. The specter will appear inside the living room, in which the television will turn on abruptly. Talk to the ghost. After that, you will be sent to the arena, where you will have to fight several varieties of visitors. Approach the Specter after winning the battle to play the Last Hand Seal mini-game. You will return to the hoarder’s house. You can either inspect it (for souvenirs and standard loot) or leave the building immediately to complete the task.

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