Honor for the 93-year-old woman whose knitted Sandringham home was seen by the Queen


The 93-year-old who created a knitted version of Queen’s Sandringham House said she ‘couldn’t stop shaking’ when she learned she had been included in the Queen’s Birthday Honors List the Queen.

Great-great-grandmother Margaret Seaman, of Caister-on-Sea in Norfolk, has raised over £100,000 for charity over the past seven years by exhibiting her woolly works.

She spent two years working on her Sandringham pattern and knitting up to 15 hours a day in a bid to raise money for local hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The finished knitted Sandringham was put on display at Queen’s Norfolk home, where it was viewed by the monarch who seemed to enjoy seeing it recreated in miniature.

Margaret Seaman, 93, of Caister-on-Sea in Norfolk, stands next to her ‘Knitted Sandringham’ (Yui Mok/PA) / PA Archives

The centerpiece, an 18-foot-long Sandringham house, featured intricate architecture, chimneys and windows surrounded by knitted trees.

Other monuments from the Queen’s estate featured, including the Church of St Mary Magdalene – where the monarchy attends Christmas Day service, and there were even knitted members of the royal family.

Ms Seaman previously designed a model hospital called Knittingale – as Nightingale hospitals have been set up across the country – to raise funds for the NHS.

She said she used 34 balls of yarn and knitted 59 figurines to enter the hospital – including doctors, nurses and patients.

Sandringham’s knitted pattern features miniature woolen versions of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on a balcony (Yui Mok/PA) / PA Archives

The model also included four rooms, an A&E department, an X-ray unit, a fracture clinic, a café, a helicopter landing pad, parking and flower beds.

She also created a knitted version of Great Yarmouth’s waterfront.

Ms Seaman is due to receive a medal from the British Empire on the Queen’s birthday for her services to her local community.

Ms Seaman said: “It always amazes me that people are so interested in my knitting.

Ms Seaman has raised money for the NHS with her wool Knittingale Hospital (Joe Giddens/PA) / PA Archives

“I love big challenges and I like to keep myself busy.

“I never imagined it would lead to all this excitement.

“It all started about seven years ago when I started knitting for charity and decided to knit things that were important to locals and to me.

“Fortunately, the Makers Festival at the Forum (in Norwich) gave me plenty of space.

Ms Seaman said she ‘literally couldn’t stop shaking’ when she found out she was on the Queen’s Birthday Honors List (Yui Mok/PA) / PA Archives

“It’s been one adventure after another and when I was invited to exhibit my Knitted Sandringham at the real Sandringham, and even met the Queen, who was a dream come true, I thought this would be it .

“But when the letter came through the door saying I had been named in Jubilee Anniversary Honours, I literally couldn’t stop shaking and lost the power of speech.”

Jayne Evans, from the Norfolk Makers Festival – where Ms Seaman’s designs have been displayed, said: “Margaret has wowed crowds at our festival for years, wowing us time after time with her creativity, vision, dedication and skill. energy.

“She is a role model for older people and younger generations and has become like a dear grandmother to me.

“Everyone at the Forum is delighted that she receives this honor.

“It’s well deserved.”

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