House Lust: A special little corner in the village of Wickford is on the market

The one acre property, on a marshy cove in the heart of the village, is home to the beloved Wickford Gourmet, a tea house and an elegant apartment.

This property is the real estate equivalent of a Russian nesting doll – a mini village within a village loaded with charm and opportunity.

The sale includes a red attic cottage which houses the iconic Wickford Gourmet kitchen store, a mainstreet destination with items for home cooks spread over two levels. Also included is a second shingle building with a newcomer to the village Sweet Marie’s Tea Cottage, which opened in August 2021 and offers tea services with all the flavorful accompaniments. In the same building there is another space on the first level with a kitchen and a bathroom, as well as a two bedroom apartment on the upper floor. The latter, currently available for rent on Airbnb, was renovated in 2017 by Gardner Woodwrights.

The property has been owned by Joe and Donna Dube, owners of Wickford Gourmet for almost forty years. In an email, Jaime Wilson of Lila Delman Compass said 2021 could be Dubes’ most profitable year yet, with in-store sales nearly doubling from three years ago – and without a site. Web, email or e-commerce, he adds.

“They are primarily interested in divesting real estate, but would be open to selling inventory and providing advice to a buyer,” Wilson said. “There is a wide variety of investment options in the two buildings that are on the land. “

Whether you reign on site or from a distance, lords and ladies of the village, here is your House Lust:

For more information on 21-25 West Main Street in Wickford Village, contact Jaime Wilson of Lila Delman Compass at 401-529-4505 or visit


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