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House of the Dragon (Season 1) Episode 6 Review, Recap and Ending, Explained: This week’s “House of the Dragon” episode, the sixth of this inaugural season, titled “The Princess and the Queen,” channels the vibe of a reboot with a revamp (to play old versions) of its two main ones. ladies. The effect is disconcerting and needs to be reworked for the public to invest in these characters. However, it also helps the show switch allegiances for some of these characters.


The Princess and the Queen

Ten years have passed since Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) fired a Joffrey Baratheon on someone, named Joffrey. After his slaughter of Laenor Velaryon’s lover (this episode’s John Macmillan), he seems to have escaped major punishment. Probably thanks to her new friend, the Queen, Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke taking over from Emily Carey). The day begins with Princess Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy accepting the baton from Milly Alcock), mother of two boys, delivering another baby.

Rhaenyra and her husband, Laenor, are immediately summoned by the queen to present the newborn to her. For the already weary Rhaenyra, the tiring journey to the queen’s chamber, which includes climbing a number of stairs, was both a slight and an indication of the queen’s growing animosity towards her. . The queen receives Rhaenyra seemingly warmly. Her true intention is quickly revealed as she peeks at the newborn’s hair.


The reason for Alicent’s investigation of Rhaenyra’s child’s hair is quite simple. None of Rhanyra’s children, including the day-old, have the traditional Targaryen-Velaryon silver hair. This sparked an increasingly uncomfortable rumor that all of Rhaenyra’s children were bastards. That their real father is Harwin Strong (Ryan Corr), the current commander of the city guard, and the eldest son of Lord Lyonel Strong (Gavin Spokes), the Hand of the King.

Rhaenyra’s two boys, Jacaerys and Lucerys are quite friendly with Alicent’s boys and King Viserys (yes, he’s alive and still played by Paddy Considine), Aegon and Aemond. Something that irritates Alicent a lot. Rhaenyra, in the small council, holds out an olive branch in the form of a marriage proposal between Jacaerys and Princess Helaena, daughter of Alicent and Viserys. This delights Viserys, who would like nothing more than the unification of the two rival factions. However, Alicent remains reluctant.

Meanwhile, the children are taught swordsmanship by Ser Criston. Ser Harwin, passing by the court, watches this and asks Ser Criston to be equal in his teachings. Ser Criston clearly devotes much of his time to Aegon and Aemond, not noticing much of Jacaerys and Lucerys. The tension mounts and Ser Criston Cole provokes Ser Harwin by implying that Jacaerys and Lucerys are his sons, in front of King Viserys and the Hand, Lord Strong. Ser Harwin loses it and brutally attacks Ser Criston. This, in turn, lends more credence to the rumor.

Demon in Pentos

As hinted in the last episode, Daemon (Matt Smtih) has indeed married Laena Velaryon (Nanna Blondell). Sister of Laenor Velaryon. However, they left Westeros and live in Pentos with their two daughters, Baela and Rhaena. Laena is pregnant again when Lord Pentos offers Pentos demon lordship, in exchange for his support and dragons to aid Pentos against the threat of Triarchy, which has raised its head again since the Crabfeeder episode.

Laena longs to return to Westeros. He asks Daemon the same. Daemon, however, is a changed man, on the outside at least. He spends more time in the library than on battlefields or caves.


The time jumps are starting to get too strong now. This particular episode, which also included a redesign, seems separate from the previous five episodes. It’s almost like a reboot. At least it was like that at first. The cast change, particularly which of the two leading ladies, Rhaenyra and Alicent, creates a jarring effect that would take some getting used to. Luckily for them, they still have Paddy Considine’s Viserys and his ever-expanding miniature kingdom to ease that path.

And then there are the dragons. HBO, at this point, is showing its budget with “House of the Dragon,” and we don’t mind. Top-notch CGI work, under the thrilling direction of Miguel Sapochnik, creates another set of memorable scenes with the majestic beasts to which this show has dedicated its title.

The show itself moves at the speed of a dragon. Creator Ryan J. Condal and Sara Hess (for this episode) use these time jumps to create an array of events that precede the fall of the Targaryen dynasty. “House of the Dragon” has always distinguished itself from Game of Thrones in this regard. They’re also helped by the cast change to change the audience’s allegiance to some of the characters (read Queen Alicent).


The House of the Dragon season 1 episode 6

The Death of Lady Laena

This episode began with Rhanyra’s successful delivery, but a similar outcome does not occur for Lady Laena. She loses her baby and in the trauma of this, goes to her dragon, Vhagar, and orders him to kill her. Vhagar looks confused as dragons don’t hurt their masters. But repeated orders from Laena do the trick. Daemon couldn’t get there in time because Vhagar burned Laena alive. This death could force Daemon to return to Westeros.

Leaving Rhaenyra

The fight between Harwin and Criston frightens Rhaenyra. As he does Lord Lyonel. Lyonel asks Viserys for advice on resigning from his job. Harwin’s action all but confirmed the true parentage of Princes Jacaerys and Lucerys. Harwin and Rhaenyra’s relationship began to become an open secret. However, Viserys refuses to see him. Viserys also refuses Lyonel’s resignation.

Lyonel decides to fire Harwin anyway. In Harrenhal, the birthplace of House Strong. As he prepares to accompany Harwin to Harrenhal on his journey, Rhaenyra also decides to leave King’s Landing. She fears for her safety and that of her children once Harwin is fired. His relationship with Laenor is still an open marriage as it was proposed ten years ago. However, Laenor, for everyone’s safety, agrees to leave King’s Landing with Rhaenyra. To continue the facade of their marriage and parenthood.

Larys Strong as Queen’s Ally

Queen Alicent is deeply infuriated by Viserys’ continued refusal to see the truth about Rhaenyra and Harwin. Viserys’ refusal to accept Lord Strong’s resignation infuriates her even more, as she wanted her father, Otto Hightower, back as the Main. She entrusts this to her ally, Larys Strong, the second son of Lord Lyonel Strong and brother of Harwin.

Larys has a connection to King’s Landing criminals who are on death row. He has the power to set them free. In turn, they would have to do one thing for him. Kill Lyonel and Harwin Strong. As the criminals, whose tongues are also cut out by Larys, set fire to Harrenhal Castle, thereby burning Lyonel and Harwin alive; Queen Alicent also realizes she’s bitten off more than she could chew with the unpredictably cruel and malevolent Larys Strong.


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