House Panel Appeals to CAG Officials: Explaining Audit Report Delays



A parliamentary committee tasked with examining all the documents laid on the table in the House has for the first time summoned the national auditor to explain the “unreasonable delays” in the submission of annual reports and audited accounts.

Officials from the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) will appear before the Committee on Filed Documents (Lok Sabha) on the table on Monday to discuss ways to ensure compliance of over 1,000 self-governing bodies, public sector units (PSU) under various ministries, which did not render their accounts on time.

“We have called the CAG, and he is sending his officials to find ways to facilitate various self-governing bodies which are benefiting from grants from the consolidated fund of the Government of India to have their accounts audited on time so that the people of this country know how their money is. spent by these bodies,” Ritesh Pandey, chairman of the committee, told The Indian Express.

“According to the records, there is no precedent regarding the work of this committee (on the papers filed) when the CAG was called in to investigate delays by Ministries/PSUs/Autonomous Agencies, etc., while clarifying the audit objections. I don’t think any other parliamentary committee other than the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has ever convened the CAG,” said Pandey, the BSP MP for Ambedkar Nagar.

The PAC is the oldest parliamentary committee and is responsible for reviewing the Indian government’s appropriation accounts and the CAG’s reports thereon.

Deputy CAGs G Vishwanathan and Rakesh Mohan, DG-Commercial Ritika Bhatia, DG-Parliamentary Committees Shailendra Vikram Singh, Senior Director-ABs Nameeta Prasad and DG Audit Manish Kumar will appear before the Committee on Monday.

Like a mini-parliament, a parliamentary committee has the power to call in representatives of any ministry/department/organization/PSU, and even self-governing organizations for information, Pandey said.

The tabled documents committee summoned representatives of organizations, as well as their ministries and administrative departments, which did not file their documents on time, and gave directions and suggestions, and made observations and recommendations.

During these discussions, the Committee found that some of these agencies were “ignorant, some were not interested, while some agencies blamed the C&AG for not sending the auditors on time”. Pandey had a meeting with CAG Girish Chandra Murmu, who expressed his willingness to work with the panel to expedite the process.

“The CAG was kind enough to provide support in finding ways to complete the audit and ensure that the documents were on the table in both chambers on time,” Pandey said.

The Committee suggested that the Ministries create a dashboard for each autonomous body that receives funds or grants from the Consolidated Fund of India to show the accounting at every stage, so that the required process can be completed on time.

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