How she traded a hairpin for a house



Before coins or paper money, there was barter. People got together and traded one thing for another. These exchanges have largely disappeared until now.

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I wrote about an incredible adventure where Demi Skipper made 28 transactions over 18 months starting with a hairpin and ended up with a house in Tennessee.

Demi started the trades during the early days of the COVID lockdowns. She had discovered that Kyle McDonald was the only other person who traded a paperclip for a house and “I knew then I had to do it!” Demi started out with a hairpin worth a dime and targeted women she didn’t know to make the first few exchanges.

It all started with swapping out the hairpin for a pair of earrings, then margarita glasses, then a vacuum cleaner, and finally a snowboard. Demi says her most important job was snowboarding for an Apple TV; “It was my first electronic article.”

It was a difficult journey. Demi estimates that she has exchanged 250,000 messages in the past year, mostly on the Facebook marketplace, with many people saying no. “It was like a puzzle to be solved – what did I want next and what would the others be willing to trade for?” “

Demi’s worst trade was for a Mini Cooper convertible she had for what she thought was a $ 20,000 necklace; “But what I got was only worth $ 2,500. I then had to go back to this value. I finally swapped the collar for a Peloton bike which was rare at the time.

His most interesting redemption was a “Chipotle Celebrity Card” (Unlimited Chipotle every day for one year – which is not for sale) for 3 farm tractors. Chipotle was ready to trade as they donated a lot of produce to the farmers.

Demi’s trademeproject TikTok account, which has 5 million followers and nearly 64 million likes, recounts her journey.

Listen to his entire amazing interview on The Small Business Radio Show this week.

Image: Demi Skipper

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