Inside Shane Warne’s 5m home – from the temperature-controlled wine cellar, to the sprawling garage, to the theater and more. !



Shane Warne is known for his quintessential, flamboyant taste. From fashion to home decor, the King of Spin knows it all. He has always been a trendsetter who started right from his Peaky Blinder caps in 2021 to performance in 90. He is the go-to man for all fashion and decor related questions and queries . Her home is chic, elegant, minimalist and a feast for the eyes. He sold his mansion for $5.4 million.Also Read – Live Updates on Shane Warne’s Death: ‘He Was Watching Cricket, Didn’t Drink’ – Manager

The house was situated on 662 square meters with 5.5 bathrooms and a four car garage. The house has a spacious living room with an L-shaped sofa and a wooden table. The sofa has monochrome colored cushions and a nice lampshade. The wall was adorned with picturesque paintings. Next to the sofa is a dining table. Watch the video. Read also – Shane Warne watched cricket, hadn’t been drinking: Manager

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For entertainment purposes, he had built a luxurious swimming pool, a spa, a nightclub bar, a home theater, a wine cellar with a capacity of 530 bottles and more. The bar had plush seating and a classy nightclub feel. At Christmas, the house was adorned with a Christmas tree.

Photo credits: Instagram (@shanewarne23)

The house was adorned with several dining rooms in different places. The view of the living room will make your heart beat faster. It is an exquisite swimming pool decorated with a sofa and a mini garden. According to his social media posts, he spent a lot of time there.

The house also had a tennis court. The floor was adorned with trees and a table. You can watch a family game or play tennis. The caption for that post read: “Another stunning winter day in Melbourne and it’s time to hit the tennis court!!!!!”

Shane Warne was flamboyant and led a luxurious life. He lived in one of those dream houses with swimming pools, fancy dinner tables, seductive paintings, a wonderful wine collection and who knows what else!

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