Inspired by the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Flipbook has a secondary screen to interact with the laptop without opening it


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, across all three generations, hasn’t taken the market by storm as the Korean giant would have expected. Nevertheless, it is a niche smartphone and anyone who uses it can swear by its inventiveness. The special thing here is the secondary display which offers a quick view of notifications and more without having to flip the phone. This feature isn’t just phone-centric for god’s sake; a designer thinks laptops deserve a small screen on the outside for the purpose best indicated by the Galaxy Z Flip.

That’s how the alluring Flipbook for Samsung was idealized by Hyeonseok Kang, who recently impressed us with The Suitcase for Camping Enthusiasts. At first glance, the Flipbook more clearly resembles a MacBook than rocking Samsung’s design hallways. That said, he certainly has a point to make with what he brings to the table. It’s not the ordinary Touch Bar on the Apple laptop, it’s a glossy display just below the screen, which is also visible when the lid is closed; thanks to the cutout of the cover between the two hinges which hold it firmly against the keyboard block.

Creator: Hyeonseok Kang

As Kang says and we reply, “Flipbook shares a design language with Samsung’s Flip” – the cut-out screen on the front shows message notifications, battery life, media controls, updates up-to-date news and more information without the user having to open the laptop. Unparalleled convenience for the hybrid workforce who can, with just a glance at the secondary display, know when to open the laptop to switch to a zoom call or skip an unnecessary connection.

Making it slightly more Samsung-friendly, the Flipbook arrives with a Bixby launch button built right into the keyboard, as a way to eliminate Windows from the equation. The panel here is complete with a nice large aluminum trackpad and two horizontal speaker grilles on either side of the keyboard. Since accidental touches on the interactive secondary display bar are a given; the designer has integrated a toggle button on the side, next to the connectivity ports, which can lock the screen like you can on the smartphone.

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