Introducing the “Big Four” U.S. Coin Rarities for the First Time in the Central States


Four of the most famous United States rare coins with a combined face value of just $1.16 but now insured for $19 million will be exhibited together for the first time at the Central States Numismatic Society Convention in the Chicago suburb of Schaumbourg, IllinoisApril 28-30, 2022.

One of the four great rarities in the upcoming special exhibition is the finest 1804 Dollar Draped Bustthe Sultan of Muscat example that has rarely been seen since 1998. The other three pieces in the exhibition will be the Eliasberg 1913 nickel liberty headthe Eliasberg 1894-S barber’s coinand one 1943 Bronze Lincoln Cent false blank error

“This incredible exhibition is organized by Ian RussellPresident of GreatCollections Coin Auctions”, said Larry Shepherd, CSNS convention director.

“The GreatCollections exhibit will be a highlight of our conference, and it will be remembered by collectors for years to come. I know because I had the thrill of seeing the 1804 Sultan of Muscat dollar with David Bowers and bid on it when he put it up for auction in 1999. The 1913 Liberty Head nickel was in my hands when viewing the lot for the 1996 Eliasberg auction. Despite the many years that have passed, I can’t forget the thrill of seeing these wonderful rarities in person. Both examples are among the best memories of my numismatic life,” Shepherd said.

“I have acquired these ‘Big 4’ coins over the past year on behalf of clients who are now loaning these extraordinary numismatic treasures so that they can be together for the first time in public”, Russell explained.

The legendary Original 1804 Class I Dollar was presented as a diplomatic gift by US State Department representing Edmond Roberts to the Sultan of Muscat (the capital of Oman) in the name of the President Andre Jackson in 1835. Graduated PCGS PR68 and the finest dollar of 1804, it was previously in the collection of Texas real estate developer D. Brent Pogue.

The 1894-S dime is rated PCGS PR65+ and one of the finest of nine known examples of the 24 minted that year at the San Francisco Mint. This piece was part of a bicentenary exhibit in 1976 when it was part of the legendary collection of Baltimore financial Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr.. It was recently acquired by Russell from the famous Vegas collector Bruce Morelan.

The Eliasberg 1913 Liberty Head nickel is one of the most famous and coveted rarities in American numismatics with only five examples known. Rated PCGS PR66 CAC and best of five, it was also recently acquired by Russell de Morelan. It is one of only three examples in private hands. The other two Liberty Head nickels from 1913 are in the National Numismatic Collection to Smithsonian National Museum of American History and the American Numismatic Association Edward C. Rochette Silver Museum.

The 1943 bronze cent is rated PCGS AU58 CAC and was formerly part of the extensive collection of Texas Rangers baseball team co-chair Bob R Simpson.

“We thank Ian Russell, GreatCollections, and the owners of these historically significant pieces for honoring the Middle States with this exhibit and giving visiting collectors and dealers a unique opportunity to view them together,” Shepherd said.

Visitors to the 2022 Central States Numismatic Society convention will find an expanded trading area with more U.S. and world coin and note dealers and more exhibits. A limited number of dealer tables are still available, according to CSNS convention organizers.

Official auctions will be conducted by the two Heritage auctions and Legendary Rare Coin Auction in connection with the agreement.

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is the official grading service of the Central States Numismatic Society. CSNS is also the home salon for the Professional Association of Foreign Exchange Dealers (PCDA). The Guild of Professional Numismatists (PNG) will carry out a PNG Day April 27.

The CSNS show from April 27 to 30, 2022 will take place at Renaissance Hotel and Congress Center, 1551 Thoreau Dr., in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, Illinois. This state-of-the-art convention center and hotel, located just 21 km from O’Hare International Airporthave been the seat of CSNS conventions in recent years.

For more information, contact Larry Shepherd, CSNS Conference Director, at (719) 464-8801 or visit

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