Jack Skellington’s house is the perfect spooky season craft



Welcome to Halloween Town! If spooky season is your favorite time of year, this maker’s video has you covered with an amazing Jack Skellington house build from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Devon, who describes herself as having “pumpkin king energy”, spent months on the model and won a free hat in return. She uses mostly cardboard and craft foam, with the occasional remnant of beads, stones, or cobwebs from last year’s Halloween cupcakes to top it all off. Down to the eye-door knocker and spider bell, the detailing in this Jack Skellington home is incredible.

The construction, which we have seen on Boing Boing, probably has more than a few similarities to the models used for filming. The meticulous work on the exterior siding and shingles of the house is obvious but really pays off. At one point in the video, she asks the questions that all artisans ask themselves at some point in the process. “Where am I going to put this? Why did I make it so big?

Other amazing builds on the MechanicalFiend YouTube channel include miniature versions of BTS scenes and sets from their music videos. There are also Studio Ghibli scenes in cookie jars, a crossover I didn’t know I needed.

mechanical demon

The opening of the video is sung in the style of Nightmare Before Christmas songs, with some clever lyric updates. Which can only serve to stick the songs in your head. While you’re there, check out a heavy metal version or a string quartet cover. Or even hear them sung by Broadway stars. Danny Elfman, who wrote the music and lyrics and provided Jack Skellington’s singing voice, even hosts live performances in Los Angeles. It’s Halloween!

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