LG 42 inch foldable OLED gaming screen


Later this week at Society for Information Display (SID) to be held in San Jose, California, May 10-12, 2022, LG Display will unveil its next-gen OLED Solutions including a 42 inch Foldable OLED gaming screen with a bend range of up to 1000R, or a radius of 1000mm.

LG will also showcase other OLED solutions aimed at paving the way for new markets, such as a 34-inch P-OLED display, the world’s largest automotive P-OLED, which features an ergonomically designed structure with a maximum curvature of 800R so that the driver has a clear view of the dashboard and the navigation system at the same time.

42 inch foldable OLED gaming screen

This allows the screen to bend and straighten so users can optimize their screen for the game they’re playing or the show they’re watching for the most immersive experience. , LG Display plans to unveil an all-new form of foldable OLED technology this year.First, the company will showcase its 8-inch 360-degree bendable OLED that freely bends inward and outward.

The screen can be folded over 200,000 times without compromising its performance thanks to a stable module structure. It also uses a special folding structure to minimize creases, providing a comfortable and advanced user experience. The company will also showcase the world’s largest foldable 17-inch OLED laptop, which maximizes versatility to easily transition from tablet to laptop to portable monitor.

“In addition, the 0.42-inch OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon) display designed specifically for Augmented Reality (AR) devices implements the silicon wafers used in semiconductors to create immersive AR visuals with high resolution. up to 3,500 pixels per inch.”We will continue to bring new experiences to our customers by constantly advancing technological innovation and creating differentiated values ​​that only OLED technology can achieve,” said Soo-young Yoon , executive vice president and chief technical officer of LG Display.

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