Ludington Woman is the local fairy godmother, helping to build a miniature house from an old tree stump


Near her cabin in the woods, a woman from Ludington helps build a fairy house fit for any magical creature. It all started after the death of a pine tree several years ago.

“The pine was infested with a small insect that buried itself in its bark and laid eggs,” explains Suz Clare. “Then the eggs hatched into larvae and the larvae simply devoured all the sap from the pine tree. Within a few years, the pine finally died.

The tree stump was not wasted however.

“When it needed to be cut down, I thought about cutting it high up, because I don’t want the roots to be drowned out as that would upset the other two trees,” Clare said. “I didn’t want them to die. So I was going to ask the tree guys to cut it high up and put parts in it and make the landscape a little bit better. “

Then the idea came to him: why waste a perfect tree stump.

“I was thinking, hey, we have a housing shortage in the country, and maybe these little fairies are in the same little pickle,” she said.

The “fairies” cannot be seen with the naked eye. Clare says they sleep during the day and hide from view. They can be seen if you use your imagination.

Although she hadn’t seen or heard from them, Clare knew she could help them find a home.

“I can’t leave things by the side of the road. I’m sure I’m not alone, ”she said. “What I was thinking is that I’ll just leave a few things, periodically, for the forest fairies to use to build their new home.” They built the entrance, which is down there, and it’s made of driftwood, rocks, lamp pieces, bits, and bottles. I had fun building this, and I had fun getting rid of some things.

Like many human homes, a sign welcomes any guest from the neighborhood who stops by:

“Always choose to be kind, respectful, helpful, understanding, accepting, forgiving, open to all differences of all creations … stay calm and listen.” – Forest Fairy Creed

Clare hopes that everyone who visits the fairies will take with them this piece of magic that every person is capable of.

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