Micro-X, QPE Machining and AML3D products are on display to the public


Three innovative Australian manufacturers are unveiling their products to the public this week: x-ray emitter maker Micro-X, QPE Advanced Machining and additive manufacturing group AML3D.

Micro-X showcases its prototype self-service security checkpoint for airport passengers (pictured) at RSNA 2021 in Chicago, which showcases the latest innovations in radiology.

And QPE and AML3D are demonstrating the rapid production of a critical nickel aluminum bronze submarine valve (pictured below) at the underwater conference (SubSTEC6) currently underway in Adelaide.

Micro-X’s miniature baggage scanner is developed under contract with the US Department of Homeland Security, which aims to transform passenger screening at airports.

Their self-service security checkpoint offered for airport passengers will combine traditional and sequential airport checkpoint processes into one consolidated module.

The compact design uses Micro-X’s carbon fiber nanotube x-ray technology and is scalable, deployable and is designed to fit into a future re-imaged airport checkpoint.

Meanwhile, Grant Tinney, founder of advanced manufacturing group STARKE, owner of QPE, revealed the project and the finished part produced by the company’s Adelaide plant.

The subsea valve was produced using the AML3D Wire Added Manufacturing (WAM) process, as opposed to the traditional casting / pattern / casting route.

Tinney said, “The exercise, which was a huge success, demonstrated the speed to market and the quality of the parts in this process compared to traditional methods.

QPE provides advanced component manufacturing, assembly, validation and life support to a wide range of industries, and has significant sovereign capability in the manufacturing of critical naval components.

AML3D is a pioneer in wired additive manufacturing and has supplied prototypes to many naval programs, notably to BAE Systems Maritime which builds the Hunter class frigates.

Image: micro-X

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